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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Country Store of Concord

Many of the great preppy stores are no longer around, and the number of people who knew them are shrinking. If you did shop at The Country Store of Concord, do you have any memories of what made it great?


  1. The Country Store of Concord was a mainstay for my clothes in the 6os. My mother would pack my brother and me into the car, a couple of times a year, and off we'd go to get new khaki pants, blue oxford cloth shirts, and wonderful shetland sweaters. For summers, as I recall, we got Chemise LaCoste shirts - white for tennis and colors for general wear. To this day, I can remember the lovely ladies who worked there and with whom my mother was so in tune that it was like a perfect conspiracy that whisked us in and out with new clothes so fluidly that we hardly knew what had happened. I think dressier clothes were from Best & Co. until we graduated to Brooks Brothers for tweed jackets and suits (and shirts) as we went off to school. All three were excellent in those days - great cloth and well-made clothing and far fewer styles were needed as they targeted a slice of a market that, even as a whole, was far more conformist in dress than it is now.

  2. One of my mothers staple shops! Always great fun!

  3. I am positing this from Japan. I have never been there but I am happy to read your memories about the Country Store of Concord. My friend is a grand daughter of the store, and she told me a lot about her memories of the Country Store, so I feel like as if I were there. Thank you very much for remembering and sharing the memories. My friend will be pleased, too.


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