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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Steele Log Carrier and Log Holder - Made in Massachusetts

Photos by Salt Water New England

I wrote earlier that Steele reminded me of the kind of products that I used to stumble upon at L.L. Bean during their golden era.  Rugged.  Casually tasteful.  Thoughtfully useful.  Buy it and don't think about it for decades.

This log carrier and log holder are perfect examples.  And the log holder is just as sturdy as you want a log holder to be.   

It's been getting daily use.  Now to refill the wood shed...


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  1. Solid products through, and through! Thank you! Cheers!

  2. Such a terrific colour purple. Really great shot

  3. I was a little confused when I read this title, and was wondering who is trying to burn steel logs now? I know times are tough, but ...

    I guess it would have been better by saying: "Log Carrier and Holder by Steele."

  4. Could you tell us about the gloves? Thank you

  5. The special gloves for a trip to the woodshed are very swish!

  6. Mine is not a Steele but the style is similar. This sort of carrier with such a rack is a great combination. My father always held the logs on his arm and piled them on the side of the hearth. It worked, but far less efficiently. On a cold, wet night an extra trip to the woodpile is just not that much fun.

  7. Your dear old Dad maybe was the kind of gent who always loaded or unloaded anything from the station wagon with both arms absolutely very full. And usually something was often teetering, just about ready to fall to the ground. No? Why oh why make two trips ?


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