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Sunday, July 30, 2023

The Poplin Chino by Jack Donnelly, new this summer. Made in the U.S.

Jack Donnelly M2 Poplins in Cement.  Photo by Salt Water New England
Cotton poplin is a favorite summertime material.  The tightly woven fabric has a smooth, slightly stiff texture.  It is durable but allows for airflow and ease of movement, and is softer than twill.  
It is also low maintenance and long lasting. 

The 6.2 oz. poplin used in Jack Donnelly's trousers is quite beautiful.  New this summer, their Poplin Chino is made of fabric grown and made in South Carolina, and then dyed and finished in North Carolina.  Gregg Donnelly tells the story of being inspired by the quality of mill Galey & Lord, which shut down in 2017.  He used samples of their poplin as the target as he went through the development process for his trousers, which resulted in Donnelly's unique take.

These trousers also have the details one would hope, including a YKK brass zipper, deep front pockets that are made of durable deep drill twill, coin pocket, and a center back waistband that allows for alterations. 

As with so many real products, especially when there is a backlog, availability is spotty.  So if you find your size in stock, don't assume they will be around forever.

Those who live in Donnelly's heavier weight Twill Chinos will find the poplin version ideal for summer's heat, as we have. 


  1. Looks to be a great pair of trousers! Thank you!

  2. Bought a pair the first day they had them in stock. They come unfinished, so after washing, I rolled up the bottoms and wore them right away. Within a week I had ordered a second pair. A JD competitor I have used a few times makes a very nice pair of khakis, at only $89. But their twills are too think for summer and their poplins are so thin they are see-through. Not these babies. Nice job, Gregg. -JDV

  3. Oh to find a comparable women’s version and a tattersall blouse! scotmiss


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