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Saturday, July 15, 2023

Preppy Notecards and Mugs! From Maine's The Muddy Dog

Photos by Salt Water New England
Maine's The Muddy Dog has a wide array of jaunty, bright, and fun offerings, from notecards to mugs to napkins to wrapping paper.  While they cover the range of seasons and holidays, I have selected a handful of items particularly well suited to those with summer interests.

Women's Summer Essentials Ceramic Mug

Notecards: Islesboro Tote; Nantucket Lighthouses; Fairway Golf; Tennis, Anyone?

Mugs <>

Notecards <>

Nantucket Forever Toile Ceramic Mug

Men's Summer Essentials Ceramic Mug

Nautical Chart Ceramic Mug - Choose Your Location!

Tennis, Anyone? Ceramic Mug



  1. What a wonderful array of goodies! Thank you!

  2. If I were not already overrun with cocktail napkins, the Herend bunnies are kind of fun.

  3. Great stuff. I bought the men's summer essential mug as a gift for a friend. Would not have known about this outfit if not for your site.


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