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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

New! Jack Donnelly Cotton Poplins. And Mercer Shirt Arrival...

Jack Donnelly Poplins & Mercer Bengals - Photo by Salt Water New England

Jack Donnelly Cotton Poplin Chinos are now available and we are very excited to try them out.  The material is superb!  Shown above in Cement, they are also available in Khaki.
Also arrived:
Lighter than an oxford but thicker than their other broadcloth Bengal Stripes, the Mercer 3MM Nile Blue Bengal Stripe is a perfect, versatile weight.  And a lovely shade of blue.

Shown with:


  1. Mercer shirts are the best

  2. Got my JD Poplins as well, two identical pair. Ordered one the day they got their supply and the other a week or two later. Love that they come unfinished b/c you can just roll them up for summer and not worry about length shrinkage over time. JDV

  3. Solid, proven winners to be sure! Thank you!

  4. I have several D-ring belts and find them the perfect fair weather accessory that also adds subtle color to the wardrobe.


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