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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Cordings of Piccadilly

Liberty Tana Lawn Shirt for Ladies - Photos by Salt Water New England

And not a bad time to grab a few items for autumn, including the tweed waistcoat shown here in the last photo.
Men's "Popover" Style Shirt, 4 Button Placket

Tuscany Jacket Made of Belgian Linen

Cornflower Blue Linen for Men

Barcombe Jacket - Irish Linen for Men

Men's Olive Nehru Shetland Tweed Waistcoat


  1. Superb! Thank you so much!

  2. It's very disappointing this year. The reductions are the smallest that I, as a loyal customer for over 30 years, can remember. A large proportion of the stock is still full price.

    The classic chinos with the button fly (my favourite) have been dropped this year. The classic chinos with a zip fly are only available in three colours and are out of stock in most sizes. The twill jeans, another personal favourite, which were made in Yorkshire, have been dropped too.

    The summer gabardine trousers now have the dreaded elastane and are a very different, tighter fit. The lightweight chinos are only available in one size. The polo shirts are no longer made in England.

    I'll therefore be giving the Piccadilly store a miss this summer. Cordings has raised prices substantially, reduced the quality (especially the fabrics), and cut back on stock. Very sad!

  3. Superb products! Thank you for the news!


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