Photo by Muffy Aldrich
The Modern Guide to The Thing Before Preppy

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Single Image - Photo by My Father

Photo by My Father


  1. That torch is a bit excessive used as a cigarette lighter. Can say the same for using such a torch to eliminate Colorado potato bugs from your plants. But it’s very effective.

    1. The torch is there, the lighter in his pocket. Duh.

  2. Hah! The same way my father taught me how to light my cigar, back in the day! Thank you for the great memory!

  3. Gas welder flame near his face and gas tanks in the trunk of that wreck....pre-OSHA (formed 1971).

  4. if you enlarge image, drag thru Adobe, curves-rubber matt is cushioning/present for tanks, the whole trunk is set up and assorted contents, metal buckets, etc- are perfect in size/reason and packed safety wise- with metal diagonal slanted holder for the tanks by the bumper, even the crowbar placement is spot on. What made me wonder was the gentleman doesn't wear a wedding ring but a good wristwatch face downwards on the inside of his wrist so the watch face can't be broken-this is a careful man... Thank you Buffy for this great picture story, even the crane in the back ground with the horz. tall stacks of cars were amazing. Thank you again.


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