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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Today's Getup - All Made in the USA

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  1. Dressing well with all apparel, including underwear, socks, and shoes, is easy. If you keep your wardrobe moderate, it is even affordable. Challenges arise, both as to selection and price, with sweaters, polos, madras, linen, and outerwear. Even affordable MiUSA jeans and Tee shirts are out there. Supporting our workers is a pleasure.

    1. Dear Anonymous, it is not challenging if you have a good, affordable tailor. It's relatively easy to find excellent quality fabrics made in Europe, excellent Chinese natural silk (perhaps cotton made in the USA, sorry I am not American so I know literally nothing about fabric production in the US but some of my jeans and t-shirts are made in US, the reason I thought of cotton), and voila!
      One can have a great Loro Piana cashmere jacket, linen shirt or bathrobe made out of linen made in Italy, France or Poland without being financially ruined and everything is fitting well. No plastic buttons, we always choose mother of pearl or horn, sometimes we personalise it. But the real challenge is the tailor from my experience.

  2. Classic, as always!

  3. Mercer shirts are most excellent.

  4. Mercer shirts are still on my "must-buy" list, but I can definitely comment from experience about the Jack Donnelly M2 fit: I don't think there's a better-cut chino anywhere. The rise is perfect and there's a very gentle taper down to the hem. The cotton twill is just the right weight for all-season wear. The only thing I've noticed is that the material ages and softens gracefully, but perhaps a little bit more quickly than something from, say, Orvis. This is possibly because there don't seem to be any chemical additives to the cotton that can extend a garment's life but leave "forever chemicals" lingering around for... well, ever. This means I probably need to acquire a new pair each year...

  5. Class will out! Perfect!


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