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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Some Old Durham Structures

Photos by Salt Water New England

Built 1847 - 1849
Sabbath Day House

Center School House 1775 -  Now, Durham Historical Society

James Wadsworth House, 1708

Colonel Samuel Camp House, 1790

I have added the photo below of the William Wadsworth House, taken yesterday, in response to the comment left by 
Anonymous on April 16th, 7:30 AM.

And the photo below that of the William Wadsworth House that I took in 2014, with just a bit of the James Wadsworth House on the left showing.

William Wadsworth House, 1848

I took this in 2014.


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Thank you for highlighting one of my favorite towns.

  2. Durham is a real pretty town in snow, sitting on a hilltop surrounded by farmland. Nice rural flavor.

  3. Durham is, of course, well known for it’s fair. There are also a number of historic homes. And the town has a pretty, but not pretentious, little Green. For many years there was a house at the east side of the intersection of Routes 79 and 17. The very weathered, unpainted, old house looked like it might collapse at any moment. But it stood solidly for years. It was testimony to quality materials and well practiced craftsmanship. Two weeks from now I will pass through Durham again, driving south, headed to North Madison. I look forward to seeing if the house has received any “TLC.” Before I reach the intersection, I will first stop at the excellent Italian market, Lino’s. Lino’s is another good reason to visit Durham.

  4. Sheer perfection! Thank you so very much!

  5. What might the little round weatherboard structure with windows be, between the brown house and the two big trees?

    1. Pretty sure it is an old ticket booth from the Durham Fair.

  6. My husband grew up in Durham in the Josiah Camp house, built 1754 (?), on Main Street, about a mile from the Green. The house had the original wide plank floors and the cooking fireplace with Dutch oven on the side.


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