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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Lotuff's New Leather Small Tote, Now Brilliant in Orchid

Photo by Salt Water New England
Lotuff's new leather Small Tote is perfect.  I have been using my Chocolate Small Tote every day since it arrived a few months ago.  It is just the right size and just the right feel.  There is something about the continuous handle design -  meaning the handle leather wraps around the bag - that gives it a feeling of security.

Now, Lotuff is offering their Leather Small Tote in a brilliant new color,  Orchid.  Many will love it as a Spring color, to be sure.  It is perfect for Easter, graduations, even Mother's Day, as well as all of the days in between.

But I also look forward to using it in Autumn.  The vegetable dyed Orchid is quite rich and deep, and it will bring out the Heather in so many great tweeds.  It will work very well with tattersalls.

It also works quite nicely with Lotuff's Mini Lois Pouch.  This is a cosmetics bag that is styled to stand out.  And because many are two toned (one for the interior, one for the exterior), it give one the opportunity to enjoy twice as many of Lotuff's rich leather colors.  This Orange Mini Lois is lined with their hot pink, Magenta.

Shown below with Lotuff's 929 Briefcase in Saddle.
Orchid looks slightly darker and almost more regal out of the direct sunlight.


  1. I’m looking for a new summer handbag. I have been considering the Lotuff small woven bucket bag in saddle brown. My only issue is that it doesn’t securely close. The bag shown in Orchid is lovely, but I’m really not a purple gal and the other colors don’t seem to say summer. I’d really like a straw bag (Rattan? Caning?) with quality leather trim. I’m partially disabled and need a shoulder bag, but one that isn’t overly heavy. I’d greatly appreciate any input as I hear the clock ticking again this year as any lovely bags sell out early.
    I looked at the smaller Lotuff backpack but it weighs too much. Thank you!

  2. I love bags like these; with a bit of care, they get better with age and use.

  3. These leathers are so beautiful. Slightly out of my price range for the time being, but I have my eye on something navy. I love navy as a year-round neutral. However, a whimsical pouch in orchid would make my heart sing.


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