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Friday, February 17, 2023

Men of New Haven, 1960s

Photo from Our Archives

 Men of New Haven, 1960s...

I knew them all.  My father - back left.


  1. I just love this picture. As a young women this was what I thought gentlemen were supposed to look like, the glasses frames, haircuts, comfortable with their lives and looking forward to more of the same. Ah, a glimpse back. Thanks so much. Ann

  2. All that's missing is fedoras.

  3. Every time I watch an episode of Halt and Catch Fire , I see Toby Huss looking like your father .

  4. Ah, the glory days! Thank you so very much!

  5. Dare I speak the truth? (Well, if J. Alfred Prufrock could dare to disturb the universe, then I guess I can dare too - a little anyway.)

    Obviously, this photo was taken before 1984 set in (not just the year, but also the totalitarian ideology) - a time before our current societal dichotomy of oppressed/oppressor. Yes, none of these fine, intelligent gentlemen would be welcome in today's Woke Post-Democracy, Post-Free Speech, Post-Science (What IS a woman?), Post-Tolerance, Post-National Sovereignty (wow - no difference between illegal invaders and citizens?), Post-Merit, Post-Manners, Post-Dignity, Post-Blind Justice (depends on which party you belong to), Post-Police and Laws, Post-Freedom, Post-Common Sense, and Post-Rational America.

    Nobody in this photo could possibly even dream of the unimaginable future their descendants would have to cope with in this (to them and us) unrecognizable country gone utterly mad. A tragedy.

    1. Don't let the bastards get you down Bob - the truth will out.

    2. Not just America Robert!

  6. They are all wearing a coat and tie. Interesting article today lamenting today's dress codes:


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