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Friday, January 20, 2023

Angela Moore et al. Today

Photos by Salt Water New England

  • One of my old Angela Moore Bracelets



  1. I loved the Angela Moore bracelets and necklaces- happy and bright colors. I still have a few of the pieces. Miss her store- the Newport store next to the tennis hall of fame was such a fun destination !

  2. Chiming in in agreement about how great the Angela Moore bracelets and necklaces were and are. I say "are' because I am still wearing them. It strikes me as very sustainable to have accessories that one can wear for years and years, instead of things that look dated and silly after a season or less!

    Since the company went out of business I've been able to get quite a few of the pieces off of Ebay. So far they've all been in great shape.

    They used to have nice ads in "Yankee" which is how I heard of them.

    I love how they are usually in bright colors that can pep up the most basic of outfits, but aren't fussy, don't get in the way, etc. Usually I wear them more in summer but this post/photo reminds me I really should wear them more in the cooler months! I was wearing my Christmases pieces in December and even into early January. (12 days of Christmas!)

    Also the striped turtleneck and black watch scarf are both great! Basics that always look good and can go with pretty much anything!

    I love your blog Muffy!


    1. oh-oh -oh...never thought about ebay as a source! Thank you! MPE

  3. Proven winners to be sure! And the rest of your outfit is just superb! Thanks so very much!


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