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Sunday, October 23, 2022


Past Season L.L. Bean Turtleneck - Photos by Salt Water New England
A reader question:

Help! Please can you or your readers tell me where I can find good turtle necks that are like the ones you wear that don't stretch? Many thanks.

Turtlenecks shown:

Shown with:



  1. Truly a must have wardrobe staple! Thank you so much!

  2. The thing with the L.L. Bean turtlenecks is that you cannot fully dry them because if you do in my experience they significantly shrink!

    Lands' End makes some nice turtlenecks in Supima cotton. (Be careful to not pick the ones with lots of modal!)

    Usually I grativate to navy but at the moment I am looking for a turtleneck in cotton with black and white or cream stripes, and not finding one. Any suggestions?


    1. Agree on the Lands End ones, the modal is awful. It's not warm at all and mega uncomfortable.

  3. LL Bean and Lands End. Get 'em on sale.

  4. I recently bought some turtlenecks from Paul Jones on that hold their collar shape pretty well, but they're more of a sweater than the shirt style Muffy models.

    I guess the ones mentioned above are the go if you want the T-shirt version.


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