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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Women's Svalbard and Men's Herdsman from Bosie. Made in Scotland.

Photos by Salt Water New England
Bosie's epic season of Made in Scotland Fair Isles continues still, with this midweight jumper, perfect for cool weather.  It is made of Geelong lambswool, a highly sought after, elegant, comfortable, and practical yarn that is often compared to cashmere for its warmth and softness.  

And, for the gents, the rugged, 4 ply Herdsman, a hard wearing garment that features yarns that have been "spun in the colour of the British bred sheep who supplied it".   This is a staple garment, one that you always expect to have in your wardrobe.  Here in the States, we would call this a Ragg Sweater.  This Made in Scotland Herdsman is so much better.
And also shown:

Herdsman of Ecology Yarn



  1. Superb garments in every respect! Thank you so very much!

  2. Is the 'ecology' wool sweater, like ragg wool, is a bit more scratchy/prickly than 4 ply shetland?

    1. It is not as soft as the 4 ply Shetland but it doesn't feel overly rough either. (Not very helpful!!)

    2. Had to ask. I grew up wearing ragg wool sweaters and socks. The qualities of the wool are great for shedding and repelling water, but they usually feel more like old-school prickly wool than many other alternatives - Shetland, Merino, Norwegian, and Icelandic wool all feel softer. It's an interesting style, though, and most places don't sell them anymore. thanks for posting the information and link.

  3. I absolutely love a good khaki pant and the last ones I owned were wore into the ground. I can't repurchase them because I bought them second hand at a tag sale and I'm not even sure if they were women's or men's khaki pants. They were from the Toggery Shop, I don't know if they are in business any longer either.


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