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Monday, July 4, 2022

On the Fourth

Photos by Salt Water New England



  1. My favorite New England Fourth of July memory: I was with a Revolutionary War re-enactment group on Cape Cod in the '90s, and we participated in the Chatham parade. Lineup was right in front of that iconic house with the celebrated Hydrangea Walk on Shore Road, with a gorgeous, inspiring view of the sea. When we swung onto Main St. in Chatham with fifes and drums, I couldn't believe the crowds ... not only at curbside, but on roofs, overlooks, and some teens climbed up the streetlight poles! So many in festive patriotic gear, and lots of dogs in red, white and blue bandannas (I felt sorry for them, though, when the muskets went off, yet the crowd cheered wildly.) Somehow the weather was always perfect .... now it seems like a halcyon dream.

  2. I just love that BMW 2002 . There were very few in England .

    1. A 2002tii was the first BMW I ever drove, probably around 1970 or 71. Unfortunately, it wasn't mine. Haven't seen one in ages.

  3. Thank you, so great to see a bit of happy summer.


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