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Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Exmoor Doeskin Gilet by Cordings - Made in England

Photos by Salt Water New England
I had been looking for a perfect gilet for quite a while.  I wanted one that was made of natural materials,  not synthetics, a bit more formal than my Barbour Westmorland,  and that had a bit of structure.  And any nice finishing would not go amiss.   

So I was then very interested when Cordings came out with their Exmoor Doeskin Gilet, handmade in England. (Quick note: this is the 'other' doeskin, a Merino wool, tightly milled twill weave, face finish.  It is named—aptly, in this case—for being as soft and lustrous as a female deer.)   This Doeskin cloth was woven in Yorkshire.

The Exmoor Gilet is lined with a bright and beautiful wool Tattersall woven in Lancashire.  The design and construction are also pure English - elegant and practical.  And the buttons, not to be outdone, are Buffalo Horn.

I had very high expectations for this garment.  And when it arrived, my expectations were surpassed. It fit like a dream (Men's medium, in my case), is the perfect companion to so many favorite shirts, and has enough room to go over a wool pullover.  It is even greater than the sum of the parts.

My only problem with the gilet, and it is a big one for me, is that it also comes in Navy.   

Laid On Decorative Half Belt

Made in England

Wearing a Men's Medium


  1. A timeless classic, that wears like iron! Thank you!

  2. You look all ready for Badminton this weekend

  3. I was just thinking to order a bespoke one (in beige or navy), found the fabric even, perhaps I will change my mind. Beautiful, classic piece indeed!


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