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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Navy and White Cap and other Summer Accessories

Photos by Salt Water New England
A Few Summer Things: Navy and White Cap, Fun Earrings, Sailor Bracelets, Boat and Tote:



  1. Love the Stan Smith's. My tennis shoe back in the day! Also, my uncle, Christopher Bentley Arnold, wants his tote back!

  2. Must haves for sure! Cheers!

  3. Okay, this brings up the issue of logos/affiliations on ball caps (which might constitute a whole separate post, and it's related to the car stickers discussion.)
    For instance, I'd never wear a cap saying L.L. Bean -- too common, too commercial. But, my college, or my local historical society? Sure. My favorite cap right now is from a maple syrup & sugar farm in Vermont, run by such nice people that I'm happy to give them all the free advertising I can here in Massachusetts.

    1. The new Arthur Beale logo is very clever with the initials incorporated into a sailboat. Not many look this good.

  4. We agree on must-have accessories - with thanks!


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