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Friday, February 25, 2022

Mystic Knotwork - Design Your Own Sailor Bracelets - Made in New England

Photos by Salt Water New England
Connecticut's Mystic Knotwork offers fun custom Striped Sailor Bracelets and at an incredibly reasonable price.  Choose your own colors and mix and match.  100% cotton and easy ordering.  

Custom Stripe Shown with Pink Narrow Bracelet


  1. Fun - in the 70's, Boston, these were worn by my classmates who summered on the islands. I did not, but sailed, daily, at Community Boating, MDC, on the Charles River.

  2. An outstand bracelet, in every respect! Thank you!

  3. I purchased two last week. Wonderful product. Happy to see it being made in the USA and in my home state of Connecticut. They bring back many fond memories.

  4. I love 'em. They remind me of the old blue water Navy, where the crew had tied Turk's heads wherever they could, on rails, stanchions, knobs, coffee mugs, ash cans, and more. If you couldn't tie a Turk's head around it, you hung McNamara lace from it or over it.


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