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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Cable Knit Sweater

Photo by Salt Water New England

The cable knit remains one of the most versatile sweater patterns, and a perfect example of the evolution of a style from hard-working origins to now a widespread adoption. 

Bosie's chunky knit, 4-ply supersoft Geelong Lambswool for Men, has a polo neck and all-over Scottish cable stitching, with a longer, more modern cut.  From her wonderful Blue Mogganer collection.


  1. This is perfect, Muffy, as actually on the top of my sweater wishlist (not that I should have a sweater wishlist, but I do!) is a grey cableknit turtleneck sweater!

  2. You will never go wrong with thst sweater! Superb! Thank you!


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