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Monday, November 8, 2021

Autumn Pink

Photos by Salt Water New England

While many do not think of pink as an obvious color for this time of year, it (and heather) can avoid the problem perhaps best expressed by actress Maggie Steed playing editor Rosemary Furman in Midsommer Murder's Judgment Day episode: 

Darling, I said autumnal. That doesn't have to mean bloody funereal.




  1. Superb in every respect! Thank you!

  2. Amen! Useful perspective. Pink always works - for men too.

  3. There's something a little daring about a bold pink sweater. It's surprising how perfectly the color pairs with olive and khaki. While I've yet to add a pink sweater to my wardrobe, I do own both the outstanding Grenfell Shooter jacket and a few pairs of Jack Donnelly chinos, which are as fine as any I've worn and which fit perfectly. Thanks as ever for the terrific classic style.

  4. The image on the Cordings website shows the Grenfell jacket with a belt. Is the belt easily removed, or is the belt attached in some fashion? Do belt loops remain when the belt is absent? It is a very handsome jacket, especially paired against the color of the sweater.

    1. My husband often—including here—wears the Grenfell's belt fastened behind him. That keeps it available when needed but otherwise out of the way.

  5. Anonymous -- The Grenfell Shooter jacket is belted with belt loops. I suppose anything could be done reasonably well by a tailor if you wanted those things removed and the jacket perhaps taken in a little at the side seams. That said, I actually really like the belt on it -- it lends a flattering shape to the coat overall. Also, Grenfell cloth is a really tightly woven twill that does a decent job at repelling water, or at least not letting it soak through completely. Making alterations like that to such a jacket might lead to less weather resistance in those areas.


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