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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Winter Coat Ideas for Women?


Years ago I was an avid follower of The Daily Prep and was thrilled to come across Salt Water New England the other day. I was hoping you and your readers might help me with my hunt for a warm winter coat/parka as my previous took quite a beating from a very naughty Old English Sheepdog puppy last winter. As an owner of several Barbour coats, I just don't find them warm enough for freezing winter mornings walking the dog and would welcome any and all suggestions! 

Thank you again.

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  1. Gloverall makes warm and stylish peacoats and duffle coats:

    And of course Patagonia offers every manner of coat and parka:


  2. I find that the best cold weather gear with shedding dogs is a down sweater or jacket under a nylon shell rain jacket. The layering is extremely warm, and there is no nap to catch dog hair.

  3. Spouse and two adult daughters, three solutions. For the daughters who deal with Michigan winters: Arc’teryx Patera, which combines a gore Tex shell with down insulation in the body & sleeves and synthetic insulation in the sides. Fjallraven Nuuk, a wind proof/waterproof shell with all synthetic insulation. For relatively mild mid-Atlantic winters, spouse is wearing an Ancha parka from The North Face, waterproof shell with lighter synthetic insulation.

  4. A tweed field coat from Cordings, Chrysalis, Laksen, Musto or Schoffel would be perfect for freezing winter mornings. They are quite expensive but should last many years.

  5. If you want warm, this aerogel parka is insanely warm yet not offensive visually. Incredibly lightweight. I purchased for my son in Madison, WI. He had to wear a t-shirt under it above 40F.

  6. I just purchased a Columbia Little Si parka for this winter. Buying in Virginia in August, it seems inconceivable that it could ever feel cold enough to wear it! I'd narrowed it down to two choices, that, and a really nice Orvis parka. But as a bit of a veggie, tree-hugger type I finally decided against the down-filled one. I've never felt cold with either coats or duvets with synthetic insulation. We hike with our dog daily no matter the weather, and I always choose a 3/4 length, waterproof jacket that provides good coverage but is easy to walk in. All my winters have been spent in either England or Virginia, so not really freezing, but damp cold often. The choices out there weren't that amazing. I never wear black and wanted something grey or green, which limited the possibilities somewhat! Ebay can be worth a look for brand new parkas that might be last year's offerings at good prices, and some lesser-known winter sports outfitters. Lots of Patagonia and Helly Hansen parkas at reasonable prices.

  7. I like Patagonia puffers. I love the combination of lightness and warmth.


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