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Thursday, September 2, 2021

The Chepstow Loden Field Coat, Made in England, from Cordings of Piccadilly

Photo by Salt Water New England
The Chepstow from Cordings is pretty much ideal for readers of this site who need a great coat.  The construction makes you feel like you are wearing a BMW.  Despite the "Field" in the title, these garments are perfect for everything from business casual trips to outdoor gatherings.

As with all good clothes, the cut is comfortable, and the collar is flattering.    The number of details, such as handwarmers and well situated pockets, is the result of a mature design process.  

While similar to some of the other fabulous Made in England Field Coats from Cordings, the Chepstow does not have the knit cuffs or extra warm collar of some of the others.  It looks and feels slightly more sociable as a result.   It is still, of course, both warm and breathable.  

The Chepstow is one of the easiest garments to recommend.  The bigger challenge, however, is to know which fabric to suggest.   If you lean more towards the streets of Stockholm, perhaps the fabulous Navy Keepers Tweed will be more to your liking.   

If you prefer Vienna, then the Loden, shown here, may be a perfect fit.   The Loden itself is superb.  It is Teflon coated Austrian Loden, 80% Wool with 20% Alpaca to soften it.  The fabric has depth and perhaps a bit more gravitas.

The Chepstow Loden Field Coat from Cordings of Piccadilly - Made in England:

And for a short time, to celebrate their new web site and slightly lower shipping fee to the US, they are offering 20% off your next Cordings purchase with code WELCOME at checkout.  


  1. Fabulous coat -- what you'd expect from Cordings - but I just noticed a very important development from the company. Instead of charging 37.5 pounds for shipping (which with the current exchange rates was usually around $50) they've changed their fee to a flat $35.

    And to those of us who've been put off from ordering small items by the high shipping costs (for example, $50 to ship a $65 tie ??) this new rate is akin to the discovery of electricity. Great news.

  2. What a wonderful garment! Thank you so much!

  3. Do I *want* to feel like I am wearing a BMW?

    1. Sure better than wearing a Yugo.


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