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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Kildare Country Boots from Dubarry of Ireland

Photo by Salt Water New England


  1. One would think that by now Dubarry would have done a little market research to determine how many sales of their boots they're losing by not offering them in wide (E, EE, EEE) widths. I imagine it's a considerable number.

    For example, I've wanted to purchase a pair of Galway Boots for years, but can't due to their only being a "normal" (D) width. How hard would it be to just make some of them wider?

    And their ExtraFit style is only for people with thick calves - not for anyone needing a roomier fit where it counts.

    This is something I think Dubarry should look into.

  2. Still a superb boot. Thank you!

  3. I miss my boots. Wore them quite a bit and then couldn't for about 3 years (several surgeries kept me in the house during the colder weather). They were stored in a closet and in that time, the soles completely deteriorated. The first time I finally put them on again, they just crumbled and couldn't be saved. Lesson learned: if you buy these, make sure to wear them all the time.


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