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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Arthur Beale Products in New Bond Film

Photos by Salt Water New England

From Arthur Beale:

Have you seen the new Bond film yet? Well... when you do, keep an eye out for some of Arthur Beale's traditional boat ware, including the red ensign flag and flag pole used on the Spirit 46 yacht seen in the movie! 🇬🇧 It might just be our second most famous flag, after the one we erected on Buckingham Palace for King George VI coronation (but more on that another time 😉)

We also supplied lots of our signature brass ware for the film. If you have any special projects (on her majesty's orders or not!).. do get in touch with us via the website.

Shown here:


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  1. That Spirit 46 is one glorious boat! Keep an eye out, Muffy, there's (or was) one in Newport.


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