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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

This Time of Year

Photos by Salt Water New England



  1. I could spend all day at farmer markets. Fresh organic local veggies. Community aspect. Salt of the earth farm workers.

    I mean, seriously, who wants to hang out at factory farms and chat with Monsanto chemists.

    Let's double down on our orders from farms this year.

    1. I spent the summer after my high school graduation working on a farm in Massachusetts. Salt of the earth they may be but I'm not sure you'd have much in common with them and probably not me, either. But it was certainly fresh, local and organic.

    2. There's been a trend in recent years of young people turning to organic farming instead of pursuing stressful careers in the city. I believe the local show Chronicle - Channel 5 Boston - covered this topic a few times.

      I love it!

      Instead of chasing status, these new farmers are living mostly off-grid, sustainable lives in rural New England.

      15 years ago, many farms in the area relied on migrant workers. Many were even sold off to industrial farms owned by mega corporations.

      One semi-famous preppie Raj Bhakta even owns farmland in VT after he sold off his Whiskey company to a PE group.

      Great to see many people interested in being stewards of farm land, the ocean and the mountains here in New England.

  2. Love these colorful photos, but that last photo is spectacular! Heavens!

  3. Love farmer’s markets. Great looking produce. Yum.

  4. You can certainly see the difference between seasonal, farm fresh and large-scale grown, big box produce: the prickly skin of a cucumber, the color and aroma of strawberries, and that lettuce is a beautiful bouquet!

  5. Beautiful produce and bouquet. Nothing better than farm fresh.


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