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Friday, February 26, 2021

NYTimes: Wood banks are modeled on food banks, providing fuel assistance to people in need ...

“How do we keep people from freezing tonight?”

- When There’s No Heat: ‘You Need Wood, You Get Wood’ <>



  1. How about some whiskey and brandy banks too?

  2. Good grief! Are you even allowed to burn wood in New York City?!?

  3. In my part of Central California, you can't build a new house with a fireplace, or put in a new fireplace in an existing house. People on Next Door post angrily whenever a neighbor uses their fireplace. I wonder if sentiments will change after this latest incident in Texas.

    1. Just another reason I could not live in CA. I love to visit though.

  4. British winters are very mild by comparison, but fuel poverty is a real problem here too. Natural gas dominates almost entirely, with some rural homes that aren't hooked to the main gas lines, reliant on oil which is very expensive. Unfortunately drops in the wholesale price of fuel is seldom reflected in the price the consumer pays here. I can't imagine what its like to be without heat during the winter in Maine or the other northern states. I was interested to see "no burn" zones exist there too. Wood stoves are becoming more popular in the U.K., but wood is scare so smokeless coal is popular and very warm.


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