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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Washington Post: Traveling via my sweater collection

This winter, I'm traveling via my sweater collection.

I buy few souvenirs when I travel. But there are some parts of the world that require me to leave ample room in my suitcase: good sweater places. I’m drawn to cold climates and northerly latitudes — and wherever harsh weather exists, you’re likely to find tough wool sweaters knitted for the purpose of surviving it. 

- Karen Gardiner <>




  1. Enjoyable article; thank you for posting that. I actually have a bespoke Fair Isle jumper (with a hood), ordered from Mati Ventrillon some years ago. It is different from the more mass produced type of Fair Isle yoke sweater in that the wool is very dense (perfect for fishermen and islanders, I imagine, when they are besieged by the kind of horizontal rain that their islands get). It took 2 years before I received my order (Ms. Ventrillon's bespoke knitwear is now very sought after, ever since Karl Lagerfeld featured her gorgeous sweater vests in a men's fashion show in Paris), but it was well worth the wait. Alas, because of climate warming, winters in Switzerland are milder and hence there are only a few opportunities for me to wear mine here. I bring it with me whenever I visit the Hebrides, which I do every 2 years, because that very dense wool and its hood are perfect for the bracing sea wind and rain in the Western Isles.

  2. The only way to travel! Thank you!


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