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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Reader Question: Johnstons of Elgin?


Dear Editor,

Being a reader of SWNE for some time now, I absolutely love reading everything Muffy shares. I especially love the posts of her wardrobe ideas. My question is, what are other’s thoughts of Johnstons of Elgin? I have owned several pieces through out the years, from scarves to sweaters even socks. I find they are soft and enjoyable to wear. Do others find they are overpriced or priced right? Perhaps prefer a different brand that cost less or equal in price? 


  1. This isn’t on topic and I’m probably the last person to notice but SWNE are compass points and they’re in order ending in the east.

  2. Johnstons' prices are reasonable, especially in the sale which has just started. The quality of the cashmere is excellent and the staff have good pay and conditions. For comparison, look at William Lockie's and John Smedley's prices.

    Top Italian brands charge even more but the quality of manufacture may be superior. Beware Chinese and Asian alternatives in particular. The quality will be inferior, especially cashmere, and workers will be paid very little. In the end, you get what you pay for.

  3. That is a beautiful website and the clothes are lovely! Thanks to the original poster for sharing that!

  4. I bought a grey wool crew neck many years back. Well worth the money, although I unfortunately shrank it slightly last year. It now fits the 12 year old perfectly and he's worn it all winter. He loves it for being so warm and comfortable. I also advise buying during a sale and being extra careful washing the garment.

  5. Worth full price, especially for the classic staples you'll wear for decades. In my experience, after the first couple of wears, they don't pill (and what pilling does happen is very minimal). That alone makes them look nice longer, lower maintenance, and gives me so much more joy as I wear their items. There's nothing worse than looking down halfway through your day and realizing your sweater looks like a ratty mess because of the sweater won't stop pilling. (Obviously hyperbole - look around at the dumpster fire world we're in - so many worse things are only a stones throw away...)


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