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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Business Casual Coat | The Navy Chepstow Keepers Field Coat for Men from Cordings of Piccadilly, Made in England

Photos by Salt Water New England
While technically a field coat, the Chepstow Keepers Field Coat is also a seriously smart Business Casual garment.  Warm and substantial but not too bulky, it will be ideal for many for travel during the colder months.  It has all of the advantages of being made for the field - comfortable and waterproof - but still at home in many corporate headquarters today. 

This superb coat is made in England for Cordings of Piccadilly (by Chrysalis, known for their truly outstanding British craftsmanship) of 21oz Teflon coated Keepers Tweed, woven in Britain.

Cordings also offers it in Loden.

Cartridge Pockets with Retaining Flap Holders

"Keepers Tweed is a closely woven heavy duty cloth originally produced for Game Keepers, as the name implies. More recently, frequently used for Hunt Coats and Jackets where riders spend the day exposed to the worst of the British weather. It makes the most substantial Suits, Capes, Breeks and Overcoats."

Satin Quilted Lining with Zip Pockets

Made in England

Heavy Duty Brass Zipper


  1. That is a very nice piece of kit and I'm rather partial to blue too . I have a few blue Barbour coats as well . One can tire of the ubiquitous greens of outdoor gear.

  2. I would guess that there will be 10% off in Cording's Black Friday sale. IIRC the discount was 20% initially but in recent years it was cut to 10%. Hopefully, Noll will give us a Covid lockdown bonus this year!

  3. It is handsome, but the curmudgeon in me wishes it weren't brand spanking new.

    1. I'm considering the the Chepstow in loden as a practical alternative to the traditional Austrian loden coats that Cordings also sell. To my eyes, in deep olive, it does not look so brand spanking new.

  4. A cracking fine coat! Thank you!

  5. A very handsome coat, indeed.
    At least for those who are rather tall and thin.
    With the side patch pockets with flaps, no less, it has the potential to look comical on anyone who is short in stature or a bit portly. The design, in my opinion, adds the appearance of a few pounds to the wearer

  6. I really like the way the coat looks on the model that Cordings uses. I wish the description provided details about the coat he's wearing and his measurements. It seems like a trimmer fit than a traditional field coat. However, it looks about 2 sizes too big in the picture above. The measurements that they publish seem a little strange. I would never wear or recommend a size medium coat for anyone with a 40 inch chest that has an actual garment size 47 inch chest measurement. Even the small is listed as a 43 inch actual chest measurement. I realize its supposed to be used for layering during hunting and shooting, but if I want to use it as a town/country/office coat I wouldn't realistically layer that much.


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