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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Field Testing the Dubarry Bracken Tweed and Galways in Ivy

All Media by Salt Water New England

It is easy to see why the Dubarry of Ireland's Bracken coat is so wildly popular.  What stands out immediately is the lovely Scottish Tweed and the comfortable cut, as well as details such as the cast metal buttons.  The weight of the coat is also very nice,  not too heavy and perfect for autumn.  Dubarry has rigorously but subtly treated the tweed and leather for the elements.  One does not have to size up, but I did.  Shown here in Heath.
And their Galway boots are always fabulous, waterproof and breathable and made of their DryFast-DrySoft leather.  Shown here in Ivy.

Scottish Tweed in Heath and Cast Metal Buttons


  1. Replies
    1. ... yes, and with good posture, too.

    2. ...and with a nice, long stride.

  2. Although tweed is usually thought of as being relatively thick and coarse, there are tweeds advertised as "thorn proof." I had a kilt jacket made of this material, although I'm not absolutely certain that it was really a tweed. For that matter, I'm not even sure it was thorn proof.

  3. I appreciate the videos that have been included in the past couple posts! Hope you will continue to post them so we also get to hear and not just see your SWNE. Thanks!

  4. Perhaps in some quaint quiet corner of the universe, Heavy Tweed Jacket is nodding his head in approval of this blog post.

    The videos are great because it brings the blog to life. Your voice came across exactly the way I always imagined it to sound with a slight Brahmin intonation in the more traditional region of New England. Every now and then, I'm lucky to speak with someone with a Brahmin accent in Beacon Hill. Most Brahmins have moved North to towns like Hamilton, Topsfield, Essex, etc. a long time ago. Nothing wrong with the Boston accent or Fairfield County accent - an extension of Upper East Side Manhattan but the Brahmin accent sounds proper in a Dickens, William F. Buckley, Thurston Howell III sort of way.

    It also was nice to hear Maxminimus speak during a presentation. Maybe some day, Heavy Tweed Jacket will post a video.


    1. I always picture HTJ walking the streets of Japan listening to the Dead on his Sony Walkman. GLH

  5. My favorite type of clothing for my favorite time of the year!-And why(among other reasons..) I refuse to move to Florida!

  6. Although I love the jacket, I need petite sizes and I live in a mild climate. However, during the lockdown, I let my dyed brown hair go to it's natural grey. You were the inspiration. I can't tell you how freeing it was and I actually think it makes me look younger. Thank you for that.

  7. Perfection! Thank you so much!


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