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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Tweed Field Coat

Photos by Salt Water New England

The Jones Marl by Cordings of Piccadilly

The Cordings of Piccadilly Tweed Field Coat is perfectly suited for the raw weather leading into, through, and out of deep winter.  Elegant and practical, this is as close to a perfect and iconic garment as most will ever own.

Made in England, this shooting coat is exquisitely tailored of beautiful, soft Scottish tweed, with many highly functional touches, and equally suited for the field or the office.

This good looking tweed is the Jones Marl,  but all of their tweeds are heavenly.   You can't go wrong with any of them.
Generous Cartridge Pockets with Retaining Flap Holder

Reinforced Storm Cuffs and Loden Trim

Raglan Sleeves

Teflon Coated Scottish Tweed - Made in England

Satin Quilted Lining with Interior Zip Pocket


  1. Have you tried Cordings' ladies' field coats? It would be useful to know how their sizing compares with the mens'.

    The ladies' Lancaster tweed Cotswold field coat is only £425. Its tweed collar is unusual and looks very smart.

  2. Superb coat! Thank you!

  3. I own one of these and cannot say enough about the craftsmanship, or the quality of the (numerous) details

  4. Cordings' Field Coats are unsurpassed in quality, and iconic is a good word for them.

    I have the House Check Tweed version of this garment, and also the same Jones Marl Tweed fabric in a Jacket with a matching Waistcoat, and couldn't be happier with all three.

  5. It looks very likely that chrysalis makes these for cordings. The details and model name are almost identical.

  6. I really like these Chrysalis coats but have a hard time convincing myself that I need -- another -- field coat...

  7. I have the house check version, it’s honestly my favourite piece of clothing. After 5 years of moderate use it still looks good as new. It is so warm! The fit is beautiful, although I did size down from my regular size.


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