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Monday, September 2, 2019

A Reader Question: Best Place on the Maine Coast for a Family Reunion in August

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A Reader Question:
As our family members are getting older, we’ve decided the family reunions in August on southern beaches are becoming too unbearable.   Too much sun, heat and humidity.   We are going to Maine in October and have been charged with finding a location for a reunion for 4-5 families (all in separate cottages).   It has to be near the ocean or bays, not much further north than Camden and not someplace which is touristy (if that is at all possible in Maine in August).   The idea is to stay 2-3 weeks.   Some members would like to do a few touristy things like visit lighthouses, check out some of the various beaches and museums – but we basically just want to be outside, walk, relax, read, go swimming and enjoy each other.    Any suggestions about places we might visit and check out in October?   Thanks for any and all ideas.   


  1. Some suggestions: Sebasco Harbor Resort on Casco Bay
    or the simple Gosnold Arms in New Harbor, Maine

  2. So many wonderful choices! Thanks so much.

  3. We love Pemaquid, Islesboro, Damariscotta & Port Clyde. All South of Camden.

  4. The Keeper's House on Isle au Haut! A former lighthouse station - this season they are renting by the week and there is one week in October still available.

  5. So many great places to choose from!

  6. These will be fun to check out - thanks! The Keeper's House sounds intriguing...will definitely have to look into that.

  7. Peaks Island, if proximity to Portland might be desirable. Access limited by ferry keeps tourists to a minimum.


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