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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Shooting Gloves

Photo by Salt Water New England
Cording's handsome, silk lined gloves may not be the first choice for arduous, physical work in real cold, but they could just be ideal for everything else.  For town and country, corporate trips and the titular shooting parties, they are snug, protective, and allow for significant dexterity.  They also allow for the pointer finger to be freed quickly without removing the glove, such as for using a shotgun, a camera, or a phone touchscreen.

Shown here in Brown, they also come in Green.
Tough, elasticated nylon cuffs keep them firmly in place.

Thin Enough to Reach into Pockets

Soft, Firm, Easy to Clean Capeskin Leather

Maintain Significant Dexterity

A Solution for Those Using Capacitive Touchscreens Outdoors

Made in England


  1. Wow, those are lovely and thoughtfully designed. I'm not sure I would ever treat myself to them, but my husband often checks his phone for emails. I see you are the the model, so I will ask this question: Do you find them equal to the sizing of mens' gloves in the US?

    1. Yes. While I am the photographer and not the model, they are shown here (on a man) in the same size we would have gotten from a US company.

    2. I apologize, Muffy. That fellow has nicely kept hands.

  2. OMG. Just what I've been looking for. Is there a Cordings vendor in the U.S.? Otherwise...

  3. Does anyone have any recommendations for a quality leather glove that fits a petite hand? I've had some luck buying kid's gloves (not leather), but it's rare to find a leather glove for children. Thanks in advance.


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