Photo by Muffy Aldrich
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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Whale Watching, Provincetown, 1983

Photo by Salt Water New England
"Those were innocent days when the Dolphin Fleet ships made a few daily excursions. These days there is a big fleet of larger watercraft stuffed with passengers dispatching many times a day in high season. From Race Point it looks like a daily marine traffic jam offshore." (Comment)


  1. Wonderful photo. Thank you so very much!

  2. Fabulous photo, childhood memories for me. The larger Dolphin Fleet usually had a marine biologist on board as a guide in the 80's. We went on an excursion with my family during the summer at this time. There was a storm, the biologist told us that the storm would calm and to stay on deck in the fresh air. The rain stopped eventually and a mother humpback peaked out with her pups in tow. It was magic....posting as Bulgaria (not WASP but with Cape and Camden summer memories)

  3. I walk along the beach every morning and was lucky enough to see a whale breach the water. We don't really have too many where I live but it is the season where they pass through.


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