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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Mariner Shackle Pendant and Earrings in Sterling Silver by Patsy Kane - Made in New England

Marblehead's Patsy Kane (whom many know from her witty comments) has recently introduced two new products, the very pretty Mariner Shackle Pendant and Mariner Shackle Earrings, made in New England.
While the real-world role of shackles in rigging may encourage one to wear these more casually...



... the sterling silver and delicate design also makes them appropriate for some dressier outfits.


  1. The silver pendant against the dark pink cashmere is stunning! I have one of Patsy Kane's necklaces. The quality is exceptional - the chain weighty yet delicately made, oxymoron though that seems.

  2. Love her work. I have several of her knot earrings and rigger bracelets. Have had my eye on this one for awhile now. She has also come out with a monkey fist necklace that's great.

  3. Absolutely love Patsy's jewelry. Very classic yet fun. Everything extremely well made!

  4. Thank you for your very kind works @Bitsy, @Mary Anne and @BAMinNewport!

    Wonderful to be mentioned on Salt Water New England and in the company of Tree of Life and the gorgeous NY50 Spartan! Thank you, Muffy!

  5. Love these! I have something similar from the 1960s..except that they are cuff links. Great to see a similar design by the wonderful Patsy Kane. Excellent pictures, too, Muffy!

  6. Thank you for the kind mention :)

  7. Most excellent! Thank you so very much!


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