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Sunday, September 22, 2013

John Partridge Wool Houndstooth Jacket (Archive item)

Photos by Salt Water New England

With the cooler weather settling in, this is the time of year to pull out the quilts (both kinds). 

Wool Houndstooth Jacket by John Partridge 

The John Partridge quilted wool houndstooth jacket with moleskin collar and trim was made in England.


  1. Hi, Muffy! Love that houndstooth Partridge, and that picture of you on the stone wall in the fog shows it to perfection; I'm betting those colors were intended to help you blend with the landscape on exactly that kind of day!

    Manufacturers need to be told, over and OVER again, that women today don't just sit around "posing pretty" in their clothes--they wear them hard doing most of the same things men do. A jacket or shirt that provides no shoulder room and inhibits comfortable movement is one that quickly finds its way to the back of my closet as totally useless!

  2. Love the John Patridge jacket, but I really love the photos with those precious dogs!

  3. The houndstooth jacket is beautiful.
    I have a Burberry quilted coat and I'm just waiting for it to get cold enough to wear it--if my daughter hasn't stolen it yet. She's getting to the age where Mom's clothes are more fun than her and she can actually wear some of them.

  4. Muffy,

    You have a very nice collection of coats. Your pictures have left me wanting to go hiking and there is no better time to do that than early fall. I also think that I need a dog to go with me :)

  5. To echo the others: That Partridge is one great jacket.

  6. Great coats, Muffy, and I'll join the chorus by saying that the Partridge certainly does look the sharpest. Could you or one of your readers please share the approximate temperature range for such a quilted coat? I've just moved to a very cold climate and am looking to add some additional coats to my closet, and I've admired quilted coats for several years. If I may hijack the thread for a moment, I'd also love to hear suggestions for a coat or parka for very cold weather - think -30 to -45 with the windchill. Do Bean's winter coats pass muster? Am I better off with a currently trendy but domestically-made Canada Goose? I'll happily consider any suggestions. Thank you, and may you continue to wear your handsome quilted coats in good health.

  7. The John Partridge is my favorite too! Glad to see I am not the only one, and not the only one to wear men's jackets/ clothes. Been doing so for years now but have also felt like something of an oddball since I don't know any other women who do. Once I started wearing my husband's "hand-me-downs", though, I couldn't see the point in going back to wearing women's clothes, as they feel like straitjackets in comparison.


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