Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Lotuff Men's Leather Briefcases and Bifold Wallet

Lotuff Men's English Leather Briefcase
Lotuff makes many favorite leather items available today.

The Lotuff Men's Leather Bifold Wallet

The Lotuff Men's Leather Bifold Wallet in Chocolate
This "Made in New England" product is the Platonic ideal of a wallet. Any owner will likely have it and use it for a very, very long time.

There is no nylon or plastic to be found, only the rich vegetable tanned leather for which Lotuff is known.   And it is not always easy to find a good “Brown”, but the Lotuff Chocolate is impressive with the depth of its color.

It is classic, simple and functional, with the highest possible construction and materials.
Made in New England.   The best Men's wallets shrug off attention rather than demand it.

Vegetable Tanned Leather and Polished Edges. Exceptional Grain.  Personalizable With a Monogram.

Lotuff Men's English Leather Briefcase

The Lotuff Men's English Leather Briefcase stands out for both its understated beauty and quality, with its vegetable tanned leather, solid brass hardware, and the YKK zipper.  It feels as good as it looks.
The center, zippered pocket is perfectly sized for a tablet, and provides some protection as well.  

The handle is substantial and feels good in hand. The full grain leather ages well. A great example of the design is the single, long strip of leather, shown here, that fluidly connects handle, carrying straps, and bands.
The straps (in conjunction with the double-gussets)  allow the bag to handle a full load, but then shrink to a very pleasant thinness on lighter jaunts.   As iPads and other tablets replace laptops, this feature of the past seems very future facing. (Which is good, because one will likely have this briefcase for a very long time.)

Polished Edges 
The briefcase is at home on trains.  It fits perfectly in the Acela, and is also reminiscent of the lawyer's briefcase from the classic short story, "Unreasonable Doubt" by Stanley Ellin.
"Good heavens, isn't this our station?" the stout man suddenly cried, and the next instant he went flying past Mr. Willoughby's out-stretched feet, briefcase in hand, overcoat flapping over his arm, companion in tow.

Lotuff Leather Zip Top Briefcase 

This document holder is ideal for gift giving, as it assumes very little about how it will be used.  It is at home in both casual workplaces and formal.
A Favorite For Graduations

Zipper Document Pouch 

This Lotuff document pouch is for someone who doesn't want a traditional briefcase.  It keeps more than a few items safe - including various tablets - and can hold its own at a boardroom meeting, while avoiding easy classification.

Leather Lock Briefcase

For Business Travel
The Leather Lock Briefcase arrives a blank slate, and will only get richer and more individualized with every mile put on it.

While the Lotuff Men's English Leather Briefcase also makes one think of a certain famous briefcase...
...the Lotuff Lock Briefcase recalls a quote from AMC's short-lived television series Rubicon. An older spy gives the following advice to a younger one:
“You really could use a good briefcase. Nothing eye-catching of course, but something that lets people take you seriously… Avoid anything that announces its newness, its cost, or its distinctiveness. 
You need one that locks, preferably with a key; combinations have a nasty habit of locking themselves at the worst moments. Clasps, no zippers. And, none of those spring-loaded closures that announce to the whole world you're opening the store. I prefer a single clasp, something that allows a file to go in without stopping or using two hands.”  
- Truxton Spangler, played by Michael Cristofer, on Rubicon, Episode #104
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