Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Chamois and Flannel Shirts

Chamois Shirt on Narragansett Bay

Fall 2016 L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirts for Men Include From Left to Right:  Lindsay,  Grahame of Menteith; and Kilgour

 L.L. Bean  Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirts for Men Returning in 2016:  Black Watch; Grey Stewart, and Navy Tartan
There are very few quality items still offered by L.L. Bean today, but the Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirts and Chamois Shirts are two of them.   Despite the almost yearly prices hikes of late, one is still hard pressed to find better examples of either.   Both are hard wearing and very soft.
While there was a time when both were US made, the materials today are woven in Portugal and the shirts are sewn in El Salvador.
Four of Their Tartans From Fall of 2015
The tag denoting the cut can be irritating to the back of the neck. Some just carefully cut it out.
L.L. Bean offers them for both men and women, and has introduced a trim fit in addition to the traditional relaxed fit.

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While the Men's collar is a bit small for a Men's shirt, it does work quite nicely on a woman.  L.L. Bean has never gotten the size and shape quite right of the Women's button-down collar.

Flannel Shirts Across Salt Water New England

2015's Hunting MacLeod

Navy Tartan Returns
Navy Tartan from 2010

Black Watch - A Long Time Favorite

Prince Charles of Edward - A Handsome Red Tartan for 2-15

Again This Year, No Dress Campbell, Once a Regular

Do L.L. Bean Chamois Shirts and Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirts Shrink?

Comparison of New and Washed Flannel Shirts Shows Some Shrinking

Comparison of New and Washed Chamois Shirts Shows Some Shrinking

Chamois Shirts Over the Last Four Decades (All Original Photographs From Archives)

With Lambs on the Connecticut Shore

At Maine's Pemaquid Point - Late 1980s

Connecticut Shore

Martha's Vineyard - Early 1990s 

Kite Flying on the Connecticut Shore - 1970s
Maine Coast - 1980s
A Favorite Among Jersey Calves

Mid-Coast Maine - 2012

Golden Meet and Greet - Early 1990s

Maine Coast - Early 1980s

An Orvis Version - Early 1980s

A Quite Worn Version on the Maine Coast - 1992

The Past Ten Years of L.L. Bean Flannel Shirts