Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guest Post: Dick Thomas on Summer Camps and Finding the Right One

Dick Thomas was the director of Camp Chewonki in Wiscasset, Maine from 1987-2005. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Reader Questions for the Community, March, 2013

Photo of Maine Steeplejack, Taken From Our Archives, April, 1978
1) I am a follower of your blog and absolutely love it! I look forward to reading each and every post of yours.

I've never been to Maine or for that matter explored the treasures of New England. However, I am currently in Boston finishing up my medical training and so hope to make the most of his time.

I wanted to plan a trip for my family which would expose us to the beauty of NE as you so eloquently describe in your blog.

However, I am completely overwhelmed with the planning. Would you be willing to provide me some good references (books) or a list of places that I should certainly visit.


2) I had a quick question for you regarding a pair of cords I recently thrifted. They are a very heavy corduroy, embroidered with pheasants and extremely well tailored. The only label inside states they are made by gt of Boston (it is lower case on the label).

I have been unable to locate any information on the company, and as it is in your neck of the woods, and they are clearly a well tailored preppy item, I wondered if you could shed any light on the company?

3) Love your Daily Prep! Very helpful when my wife and I bought Barbour jackets.

Separately, not sure if you have commented on this, but is there such a thing as preppy or preferred scents, i.e. deodorants/colognes for men, perfumes for women?

I realize it may be a very individual thing, but just curious...I've been Old Spice Original most of my life.

4) I was hoping you could offer advice on men's footwear.  For the past thirty years I have worn Alan Edmond shoes, and have enjoyed not only the fit but the styling.  Unfortunately in the last two years my feet have changed shape and I have found that ECCO shoes are one of the few brands I can wear.  Unfortunately I miss the classic styling of Allen Edmonds, and was wondering if there was a brand that you could recommend that has Ivy styling with comfort.

A second question that I have is that living in the South there is a very strong version of the Ivy / Prep styling.  Do you have any opinions on the lines that are making a claim to this regional prep?  (Some of the lines include: Southern Tide, Southern Proper, High Cotton, Southern Point, Southern Marsh, and Collard Greens.)  Thank you for your insight and advice.

5) I love your blog.  This might be a stretch, but with the coming of Spring, do you have any thoughts for great wedding, baby, and graduation gifts?  I feel I'm the world's worst gift giver, even with registry in hand.  I'm making a standard "go to" list of useful gifts,  would love to hear any ideas.

6) Huge fan of yours. Thanks for doing what you do. Twenty something preppy girl in the market for a watch. I have an old Cartier tank that was given to me, but I am looking for something more rugged and less dressy for day to day that is high quality but won't break the bank. What do you think about the Swiss Army watches? I was thinking the classic field watch (all silver stainless steel).  Also, what do you think about the Wenger v Victorinox Swiss Army watches? Any thoughts you have would be so appreciated. Thank you!

7) Your blog is a pleasure to read. Is it possible to share where one can purchase towels that are of good size ~ that are made of good cotton and that will last? This is my current frustration. Beach bag, boathouse, main house ~ all are in need of restocking.

Best regards!