Friday, May 1, 2015

Men's Khakis

 Maine Windjammer - Original Photo from Archives
The one item that is a sine qua non to the classic wardrobe is a pair of khaki pants. This is true for males and females, young and old.

Vendors, knowing "khaki" is often referred to as a color, now use the term "chinos" which are offered in various shades of Khaki. Technically, however, khaki refers to either the style of trousers originally worn by British Troops in India or the color.

But the options today can be confusing.  Buying any kind of pants is always a more personal purchase than a sweater or a shirt. And many of the traditional khaki vendors have drastically cheapened the material used and reduced the consistency of fit when they outsourced to China or other low-wage countries, while constantly tweaking offerings.
Sources of men's khakis include:
Unfortunately, at this time, there is no comparable list for women's khakis.

Finally, one might need flannel-lined khakis. They are perfect for New England winters. And again, they are easy to find for men, but quite difficult for women.