Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shore Crew

Picking Up The Passenger at the Train Station

Delivering Him to the Boat

Storm Trysail Club, not for lightweights!

Here, veteran racers and Sail Magazine 20-year Contributing Editor talk shop.
Fall Sweaters...


Finding the Last Passenger

 Shoving Off

 Job is Done

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mystic Seaport and Noank, Connecticut From the Water

Whaleship Charles W. Morgan Undergoing Repairs
The ship-to-ship, dog-to-dog network was in fine working order, albeit low baud.
This bridge had been out of commission for days when the power was off, trapping some beautiful boats.

A Little Housekeeping


There was not a lot of visual storm damage overall, but there were some dramatic examples.

Sadly, Abbott's was closed due to a lack of power, as was Costello's next door.

A Good Scale
Fishers Island in the Background

The last of the available ice was melting quickly.