Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ten Favorite Vera Bradley Styles

The Tote in Citrus
Vera Bradley has had a seemingly endless variety of styles over the years.  It is easy to get lost  not only with current offerings, but also if one is getting "vintage" items.  Here are ten favorite Vera Bradley styles.

The Tote is a good size and simple in design,  although  the straps would be better if quilted.  The Tote is also a style that can handle the visual aspects of wear better than other designs.  A somewhat worn tote can have that gentle look and feel of loved older linens and such, as compared to worn accessories that can just look like they need to be replaced.

Miller Bags
The Miller Bag, is a good go-to bag for an overnight.  It has six interior pockets and the shoulder straps make it easy to throw over the shoulder.

 Satchel in Bermuda Pink
The Satchel was a short-lived style, but also good  for an overnight.  One its nicest features is also one of its more limiting ones, which are its short, rolled handles.   They came with detachable shoulder straps that were unattractive and distracting.  (Although without the straps the Satchel is somewhat less versatile than the Miller Bag.)

The Mimi Backpack in Bees
The Mimi Backpack is one of the most quintessential, and charming, Vera Bradley styles.

The Betsy in Petal Pink
The Betsy is a nice size.  It also has six, very useful interior pockets.

Paddy in Royal
The Betsy replaced the Paddy, although it is not quite as good.  The differences are subtle -  the Paddy has more depth and is wider at the top, tapering down at the bottom, like a mini Miller Bag, but it also has more charm than the Betsy.

Small Duffel in Katherine and Bees
The Small Duffle is one of those bags that simply looks great in almost any pattern.  Although not big enough on its own for travel, it is the perfect companion bag for smaller items.

Wallet with Strap in Nantucket Navy
There have been many wallet styles, but the best is still the Wallet with Strap.

 Vera in Apple Green (original design on the left)
Although arguably too large for a pocketbook, the Vera is still good for that purpose anyway, though somewhat more before its re-design.  The original Vera had the border on the bottom as well as on the top and had the sweet cloth-covered button closure that has since been replaced with the tortoise toggle. Although the newer design is slightly shorter, which is probably an improvement.
Large Duffel in Citrus, Maison Blue and Pink Pans
And of course for longer stays, or heavier packing, the Large Duffel is just good looking and very roomy.

Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.


John said...

Love the shot of the Veras lined up in the Volvo. :)

suburban prep said...

What a great collection. I have a few totes and I love them. Being a knitter especially they come in handy to keep projects in.

LPC said...

You called the bag "good looking." Now I know we are from the same contingent:).

Tammy B said...

I have the large duffle, small duffle, dress bag and tote in Classic Black, which was retired a few years ago. I use them all of the time. They are great for a short trip. Sometimes I use the small duffle to pack things like magazines, snacks, IPOD, etc.

Kentucky Kameleon said...

Muffy, If u had to pick an all time favorite VB with pattern and style combined which one bag would it be?

LoneStarPrep said...

Amazing collection! Love the photo of the bags in the car : )

I have a few Vera Bradley accessories, all in Java Blue, and we use the diaper bag in the same print for our baby's items.

Sadly, Java Blue has now been retired and I am not sure I like any of the new patterns enough to begin collecting something else.

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love Bermuda Pink and Bermuda Blue. One of my other favorites is Riviera Blue--love it!

Sue Giannotta said...

That is quite the collection of Miller bags! I agree with all of your choices and would add the Villager tote to the list of all time great Vera Bradley Styles.

Anonymous said...

What do you think is the best pattern that is out now?

Anonymous said...

Obviously I'm missing something because I've never quite understood the appeal of Vera Bradley. Is it the variety of patterns? I appreciate they are lightweight but always worry the material will tear if I'm carrying books or something heavy in them. Canvas bags seem so much sturdier.

Carole said...

Seeing your collection makes me nostalgic for the older patterns.

Teena in Toronto said...

So handy!

I'm here via the Suburban Princess :)

whattokeep said...

I don't normally like Vera Bradley prints at all, but I really liked the Bees print on the mini backpack. Is it still around?

Julia said...

I was at my local Vera retailer the other day the canvas that just can out alright. I wasn't really a fan of the colors though, which are orange, turquoise blue, and a tan.

mary anne said...

I actually like the twirly bird navy print, but my favorite is Nantucket Navy.

you have quite the formidable Vera collection!

Brooke Jeter said...

Dear Muffy,
You have an amazing vera collection! Is that all you have or is there more? How have you collected these bags (ebay, etc). I'm a vera addict, by my collection pales in comparison!

Mom on the Run said...

My favorite is Nantucket Navy, hands down (as I'm a navy blue girl from way back); J1 has Classic Black and a few pieces of Pink Pansy from middle school and J2 has Medallion, which goes well with her wardrobe--she's a redhead. I prefer the patterns that are more reminiscent of Pierre Deux bags, the original quilted print bags--and they have a nice black print on their website I like, too.

Raulston said...

These colors look so warm and inviting. Spring has come to TDP. Another fabulous post.

Anonymous said...

Loved the post! I have also collected Veras over the years (what I miss most are the quilted handles on the Villager and the medium and small toggle totes). I love some of the older patterns, but recently purchased some items in Twirly Bird Navy--I love the color scheme and lining pattern.

M said...

Just delighted to find your blog and read of your devotion to the Vera Bradley line! A Red Bandana tote was an early acquisition and I still adore it enough to pull it out on weekends though its handles are now slightly frayed.

I am a devotee of the tote as a purse for the reasons you cite and because it so perfectly suits my body in terms of proportion. I carry a Vibrant Black messenger bag as a briefcase now, having worn my Classic Black Vera to a nub.

I've purchased some of the festive patterns, like Java Blue, Puccini, and Yellow Bird, but I've just never lost my appetite for the more classic color combos and patterns, notably French Blue, Maison Blue, and Nantucket Navy. They speak to my Pierre Deux leanings, I guess.

Thanks for this splendid retrospective and peek at your collection.

Flat Rock Creek Notebook

HipWaldorf said...

I bought a bunch (at cost), of the small backpacks and such for my daughter (now age 16) when she was in grades 4-7, but when I showed her this blog post she told me she does not see any Vera on teens any more. They want Coach now. She does use her monogrammed totes from LLBean and Lands End, but the Vera never comes out any more.

My favorite was the Vera black chinoiserie (name?) I bought the day after she was born and used it for her baby bag for years - now it is my toiletries bag.

Susan R said...

I happen to adore Vera Bradley bags, have for years.
Just curious though...would you ever use a large duffle if you were going on a trip that required checking in bags at the air lines? Have you ever checked your large duffles on air lines and what was their condition afterward? We are taking a trip with the family soon and we don't have enough luggage for 2 adults and 5 children (who does). I thought about breaking out my large duffles for the girls, but I would be devastated if they were ruined. I might just have to make a quick run to Target for some inexpensive suit cases.
Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...


What do you think of Petal Paisley by vera bradley?

Anonymous said...

Susan R.,
I have travelled by plane with my Vera duffel bags and not had any problems. I just buy darker prints for my "plane" duffels so any travel dirt is not so obvious.