Sunday, May 23, 2010

For the Best Vera Bradley Wallets, Look for Vintage

For over two decades Vera Bradley has produced a variety of wallet styles and, of course, patterns.
Vera Bradley has produced some of the best wallets over the past few decades. But because many of the most recent variations have lost some of the great features, the most discriminating people may find it worthwhile to track down vintage designs.
There are three basic interior wallet configurations, which broadly go from "best and oldest" to "worst and most recent":
  • Quilted Cloth;
  • Non-Quilted Cloth; and
  • Nylon.
Specifically, this means that as Vera Bradley introduces new wallet styles and refurbishes the old, the trend is to go from quilted interiors to:
  • nylon interiors (Turn Lock Wallet, Clutch Wallet, Zip-Around Wallet (which has always had a nylon interior)), or less egregiously,
  • non-quilted fabric interiors (Wallet With Strap).

Older Wallet With Strap with quilted interior on left; Zip-Around Wallet with its nylon interior on right
The look and feel of the quilted fabric is an enormous part of the appeal of Vera Bradley, which contributes to their softness and gentleness, both visual and textile. And unfortunately, this trend in the evolution of their wallets mirrors the evolution of the larger pieces as well, where one is also seeing the elimination of more and more of the quilted features.
So until Vera Bradley rights this direction, the most discriminating people would be better off to look for vintage.

Older Wallet With Strap and quilted cloth on left; current Turn Lock Wallet with nylon on right

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