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Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Daily Prep - The "Yes, I Painted My Chair Pink" Edition



  1. I wish I could get motif belts in the UK. (I do have a couple bought years ago on a trip to th USA) I've seen them on ebay but the tax and postage is prohibitive on such small items.

  2. Better bring out the smelling salts, that shirt is not crisply pressed.

    1. @Sartresky, the question is, is he wearing socks?

  3. The Garden Club in Westbrook, Connecticut, used to advertise their annual plant sale by painting old oak kitchen chairs pink, yellow and green, and placing them around town adorned with a broad brimmed straw hats decorated with flowers. I thought it so charming I swore someday I would find the perfect old broken down forgotten chair, paint it a bright spring color and make it the centerpiece of my garden with an appropriate straw hat. Such a charming vista. for a garden.

  4. The green and pink just make me so happy. I love Lotuff's deep color saturation and the chair is perfection!


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