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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Cordings of Piccadilly's Fabulous New Tweed, the Inverness - Made in England

Photos by Salt Water New England
With the Inverness, Cordings of Piccadilly has added an outstanding new "Old School Tweed" to their already outstanding Made in England Field Coats for men.   

The rich, 100% wool Scottish Tweed has instantly become a favorite of mine, and their Field Coats are just exceptional – hand cut with reinforced cartridge pockets, hand warmer pockets, waterproof membrane, silent studs, satin quilted lining, storm cuffs, and more.

I wear both their Ladies' Cotswold and their Men's Field Coats in range of sizes and all are cut for freedom of movement with robust construction.  After all, they are made for shooting. 




  1. That is a very nice jacket and the same model of 88 I had back in the seventies in England .

  2. Most excellent! What a wonderful garment! Thank you!


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