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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Taking Out Arthur Beale's New Fisherman Jumper, Made in Great Britain

Photos by Salt Water New England
With a "feels like" temperature of 11 degrees F along the ocean's edge, my new Arthur Beale Fisherman Jumper and my older (but still available) Firley Tweed Field Coat from Cordings kept me surprisingly warm.   It feels slightly lighter weight than their Erebus,   As with Arthur Beale's other wool pullovers, of which I am a great fan, it is made in Britain of British oiled wool.  


Firley Tweed Field Coat from Cordings - Made in England

Oiled Wool, Made in Britian

Cashmere Black Watch Tartan Scarf from Cordings, Made in Scotland


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  1. Do you prefer gloves to mittens? Might you have a favorite mitten ?


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