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Sunday, December 24, 2023

A Quiet Christmas Eve Day

Photos by Salt Water New England



  1. That could be our pier with pilings and crossed anchoring chains. Now off to the recently flooded Hallowell for X-eve dinner with the children and grandchildren. Lamb, this summer's mint jelly and all the fixings: my favorite.

  2. Kismet the gleaming MB wagon is licensed from NYC

  3. Just superb! Thank you, so very much! Cheers!🎄

  4. Yes, we had a quiet Christmas day too. I made a roast turkey breast, sage stuffing. and asparagus. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve service at the Church of the Messiah (Episcopal) in Gwynedd PA, where I am in the choir.

  5. I noted the penny candy sign because one of my favorite brands of hard candies, some relatively new organic brand, has effectively gone under. I'm a consumer, I always have a bag on hikes to moderate water consumption. While walking around Ann Arbor a few weeks ago with our younger daughter, we went into one of those candy stores that stocks all kinds of old-fashioned products, soda etc. I purchased some 'sanded' hard candy from Claey's Candy, "since 1919 in South Bend, IN." They're a winner, particularly peppermint, lemon, and root beer. Happy holidays!

  6. The Round Pond I.O.O.F. : International Order of Odd Fellows grange hall. Site of contra dances and charity events. Also the first US fraternal organization to open membership to women in 1851.

  7. Maybe LLB finally jumped the shark ? This was the first Christmas in our home in many years where no one either gave or received any LL Bean item.

    1. Same at our house this year. First time I can ever remember that happening.


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