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Sunday, November 5, 2023

NYT: In Shetland, the Hottest Event of the Year Stars Sheep and Knitters

 In NYT today:

Mr. Eunson said he takes pride that even though the island have been through the oil businesses “coming in to take what they need and go,” the wool culture indigenous to Shetland remains on good footing.

But he knows there is a delicate balance between fostering an appreciation for that heritage and sustainable growth. 

“It’s not a static culture,” he said. “But it doesn’t need to become a mass-produced thing as well. It can still all be done in Shetland.”

- In Shetland, the Hottest Event of the Year Stars Sheep and Knitters: The festival of the intricately crafted textiles of the Shetland Islands, a remote archipelago off Scotland’s coast, draws hundreds of knitters from around the world for all things wool. <>


  1. Quality will out! Really appreciate it! Cheers!

  2. The article is behind a pay wall. Which makes me ask a different question…New York Times vs The Washington Post?

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