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Monday, November 13, 2023

Brilliant Cordings Arrival!

Photo by Salt Water New England
 Just arrived:

The elegant Green Garforth Tweed Hampton Field Coat may be more Hampton than field.  It is beautifully made in Northampton, England, but a bit more fitted and tailored than a standard field coat, with a thinner lining to make it perfect for town as well.  From Cordings of Piccadilly.


  1. The color combination is quite good.

  2. Cording's Hampton field jackets for ladies are very elegant. It appears to be a Chrysalis archive design. Unfortunately, the brand's garments are much harder to find since the Covid lockdowns and the company does not sell direct to the public. If you a jacket or coat that you like, buy it whilst you can.

  3. Coat and gloves are both beautiful; I may be making an order soon.


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