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Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Classic Belted Trench Coat by Cordings

Photos by Salt Water New England
Classic trench coats are both practical and dramatic, and Cordings' makes the case for both.  It is made in France of a very high quality water-resistant cotton woven by British Millerain in Lancashire.  This is a comfortable, breathable and flattering coat that has the features and style I have long relied upon in trench coats of yore, including my mother's old Burberrys.   

And it is priced such that you don't have to treat it as precious. 

Shown with:
The soft, breathable cotton is more substantial than the Burberrys'. 



  1. Absolute perfection! Thank you, so very much!

  2. I'd buy that trench coat if a men's version was available as it would give more protection than my single-breasted English raincoat. The Hampton Mackintosh is a bit too heavy and bulky in the city.

    Perhaps you could suggest to Cordings that they add a men's trench coat to their range. Men's trench coats, especially those made in England, are hard to find at such reasonable prices so it should sell well.

    1. Mine looks exactly like that for Mens. London fog circa 1991

  3. So how do you handle the belt? Always open? Tied or belted?

  4. The Cordings website says made in Poland, is that accurate?


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